Billiards Multiplayer is great 8 ball pool type game written in Unity. Do you want to have great online pool game that can be really popular? It’s the time you can get it. Publish game to Android, iOS and other platforms. Game made using Unity 2021.3.2f1 and Photon Unity Networking for multiplayer and Playfab to store data. You don’t need server for this game. ###### 2020 UPDATED ###### Latest plugins 07.2020: – Photon Unity Networking SDK – Playfab SDK – Google Admob SDK – Facebook SDK 64bit Google Play compatibile IL2CPP compatibile ###### 2020 UPDATED ###### Download demo APK: DEMO APK DOWNLOAD FEATURES: Made with Unity – Multiplatform Online multiplayer – play with Facebook friends or random player Facebook integration – login, share. Login with Email, Facebook or play as Guest Admob and UnityAds integrated In-App products implemented Shop – buy new cues, chat messages, coins (In-App) Chat over room In-game invites to play a game with friend Online status for your friends Offline mode (training) 20 Cues, 8 Tables Coins system Playfab integration Facebook features requires user_permissions to work correctly. Facebook changes their policy some time ago and now it’s more difficult to get this permission approved. This game will be fully working even without Facebook features. You will just not be able to login to Facebook or display Facebook friends. Users will still be able to login as Guest or via Email and play online with other players. I cannot guarantee that Facebook will approve this permission for you because it’s not dependent of me or of this source code. Their policy is just more strict right now. THIS GAME USES PHOTON UNITY NETWORKING AND PHOTON CHAT. IT’S FREE IF YOU HAVE LOW AMOUNT OF PLAYERS AND PAID IF YOU HAVE MORE PLAYERS. If you have 20 CCU (Concurrent users – it means that 20 players are playing at same time) then it’s FREE. If you exceed 20 CCU then it’s paid as described on photon website: Photon PUN pricing: Photon CHAT pricing: According to this if you have got to pay: 100 CCU you have to pay: 95$ for photon PUN (one-time payment for 60 months) 45$ for photon chat (one-time payment for 60 months) It gives 140$ one-time fee for photon if you have got 100 CCU 100 CCU means that you have got about ~2000 daily downloads which will generate decent amount of money from ads. I think about 30$ daily depending on your audience. It gives ~1200$ monthly 500 CCU you have to pay: 95$ for photon PUN monthly 45$ for photon chat monthly It gives 140$ monthly for photon if you have got 500 CCU 500 CCU means that you have got about ~10000 daily downloads which will generate decent amount of money from ads. I think about 150$ daily depending on your audience. It gives ~4500$ monthly. So the money you earn is 4500$ – 140$ = 4350$ monthly SOME ASSETS ARE WATERMARKED. YOU CAN’T USE THEM UNLESS YOU BUY THEM FROM GRAPHICSRIVER – Pool Graphics Features Online multiplayer

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